Should I Stay Home During My Roof Replacement? Pros and Cons

Getting ready for roof replacement can be exciting since it makes you feel great about renovating your home. However, you might be curious and wondering, “should I stay home during roof replacement.” Roof replacement is a significant renovation in your home. A new roof means a big investment in your home and a roofing contractor is what most homeowners will use when having a roof replaced.

Besides spending a lot of money to give your home a facial uplift, the full roof replacement can take days or a whole week. This means that it’s a significant investment that requires you to think it over before deciding what you should do and how the process should be handled.

You need to consider several factors to ensure you make the right decision on whether you should stay at home during roof replacement.

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement? Factors to Consider

It might take a few days to complete renovations for an average-sized roof. Roof replacements often require several people to work on your roof. This means that you’ll have roofing contractors walking around your home trying to get things fixed.

While a roofer will do their best to act professionally, they can’t promise they will not make noise. You can’t be promised a stress-free experience during a roof repair. Plus, specific hazards can’t be avoided entirely. That said, here’s a look at the factors you need to consider to determine whether you should stay at home during your roof replacement. With a little planning and necessary preparations, your roof repairs can be the answer to a new fall look.

Safety of Your Kids

should i stay home during roof replacement considering safety

Children are known for being curious. You can expect that they will want to observe workers or even help them. If you have kids, you’ll have to talk to them about the risks involved with being at home during roof work.

Providing them with helmets may be necessary if you don’t have an option but to stay home during such renovations. If your family and kids are still young and might disturb workers on the job, it’s recommended that you vacate the premises until the construction gets done.

Pets React to Noise

It might be uncomfortable during the renovation. You don’t have to drive your pets crazy. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll have to consider how the noise will make pets uncomfortable, especially cats. It can be a stressful time with all the constant banging and noise.

Some homeowners claim they never saw their cats for a week during roof replacement.

Cats seem to be bothered by the constant pounding and banging. The same applies to dogs; they need a safe place to take them until you finish replacing your roof.


Falling debris from old shingles or construction materials during the roof replacement process can damage your vehicles and other valuables. Perhaps you don’t want to move your car because you won’t be going anywhere until the renovation is complete.

However, it’s worth noting that your cars might block workers from doing their job efficiently. They will worry about debris falling and damaging your vehicle. Other things you’ll need to keep an eye on while they replace your roof are outdoor furniture and BBQs.

You should also realize that your decision not to move your car may change once you know you can’t bear the banging. When this happens, you’ll interrupt your contractor since they will have to stop what they are doing and move things around to create space for your car. It’s a huge inconvenience, and it will delay the project.

Furniture and Landscapes

Roof replacements are messy. Your contractor will talk to you about securing your valuables. If you have plants around your home, debris can also damage them. This means you must find a landscaper to help you mitigate possible damage to your landscape and plants.

You may have to make the necessary arrangements to move your furniture to your garage or any other safe place. Working with a reputable contractor will ensure some of these concerns are addressed before renovations begin.

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement – Pros

There are more than a few positive results from staying at home during a roof replacement.

It’s Cheaper

Apart from considering the factors outlined above, staying at home during the roof replacement has its perks. For instance, there’s no additional cost to rent another place while waiting for the project to be completed. Since the renovations may take longer, you must get the right estimate to ensure you make the right decision about renting out or staying at home.

You Can Supervise the Work

should i stay home during roof replacement talking with contractor

Staying at home during roof replacement also allows you to supervise the work. You can work with your contractor to ensure the job is done according to your specification. You’ll also be there to protect your property from unnecessary damage.

Start Cleaning Early

If you don’t want to wait until the project is completed, you can add starting to clean the interior section of the house to your daily tasks. Cleaning the areas where workers have completed will give you an easier time returning to your routine.

It’s More Convenient

If you have to move some of your belongings for a while for the project to be completed, this may cause considerable inconvenience. Sure, it’s not safe to stay at home during the renovations, but it’s not easy to bear the inconveniences for a while.

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacements – Cons

However, you might not want to stay at home during the replacement if you consider these.

It’s Not Safe

The disadvantage of staying home during roof replacement revolves around the dangers involved when workers are repairing your home. Besides considering your kids, pets, and your property, think about the risks of bad weather.

There is roofing debris to worry about as well as loud noises. This is especially true for homeowners living in areas prone to heavy rains. If you stay at home, you’ll be exposed to bad weather during the renovations.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is another concern you shouldn’t overlook. You’ll be living with roofers until the roof replacement is complete. Some people aren’t comfortable since they feel that contractors may invade their privacy.

It’s Stressful

There’s a lot that goes on during roof replacements. Hanging around to see your property being taken apart isn’t something everyone can put up with. Plus, since not all roofing jobs are done perfectly, you may be stressed when problems arise. You’re likely to be more stressed when things don’t go as planned.

The decision to stay or leave your home during the entire process of roof replacements is up to you. You must weigh all the pros and cons to make an intelligent decision. Consider the dangers involved if you have kids and pets.

If you’re running on a tight budget, staying at home may be your only option. You could also choose to stay at a friend’s house during the replacement process.

Nevertheless, a reputable contractor will recommend vacating the premises until they finish the project.

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