11 Insurance Claim Roof Replacement Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Dealing with a roof repair after hail damage or a storm can be stressful. However, you can reduce your distress if you have a good roofing contractor and a solid insurance policy. Be prepared to file a roof replacement claim after asking your roofing contractor some questions.

Here are some insurance roof replacement questions you need to ask your contractor before getting your roof repaired.

How Much Will the Total Roof Replacement Cost?

The answer to one of the insurance roof replacement questions affects many other questions. They will estimate the total roof replacement price based on the material, the size of the repairs needed, and your geographic location.

Usually, the amount you pay will be your insurance deductible determined by your roof replacement claims and any costs not covered by insurance, such as a roofing material upgrade.

The cost of the repairs covered by the insurance provider can come down to the actual cash value (ACV) of the roof, which takes into account depreciated value or the replacement cost value policy.

Get information on the overall payment process from the contractor. Find out how much a full replacement will cost, if they want money upfront, if they will give you a free estimate, and when you should expect a final invoice.

Why Should I Call Roofing Companies Before an Insurance Company?

insurance roof replacement questions calling for information

While insurance adjusters look for roof problems, they often stick to surface-level signs. On the other hand, a roofing company can look deeper for underlying concerns contributing to the more obvious damage that would be visible to an insurance agent. A roofing company can see if any emergency issues require correction throughout the entire roof.

You should contact your insurance company agent to look at the issues once a roofer has a look.

What Do Insurance Adjusters Look For on Roofs?

An adjuster from an insurance company will look for any signs of roof damage throughout your home. Some indications include dark spots on the ceiling, peeling paint, sagging roof eaves, rot, buckling roofing, and damaged flashing.

They may look for signs of prominent hail damage from a hail storm, cracked shingles, wind damage, animal damage, exposed underlayment, fire damage, storm damage, and other weather-related damage. However, most insurance companies only look at the top layer of issues and miss deeper concerns.

Should I Call My Insurance Company if My Roof Is Leaking?

It is a good idea to let your insurance company know of any damage as soon as possible to maintain a good record. However, it is also a needed step to bring a roofing contractor in to look at the damage. Roofing contractors often notice the detail and deeper issues that an adjuster may miss when assessing insurance roof replacement.

Filing a roof insurance claim will not always raise your premium. However, it is a good idea to check with the insurance company before you file a claim, just in case.

How Much of This Work Will Likely Be Covered by Insurance?

Understanding insurance roof replacement questions can help you understand what will cover roof damage. While many elements of roof repair receive homeowner’s insurance coverage, several types of damage are not covered by an insurance carrier.

Some types of damage include damage you did to the roof while trying to repair the house yourself without professionals, wear and tear, damage from flooding or earthquakes, and older damage.

Standard homeowners insurance covers storm damage, accidental damage, and any problems not caused by human error or intention.

What Should I Expect the Roof Replacement Process To Look Like?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your roof, the type and extent of damage, and the contractor’s procedure.

In some cases, the entire damaged roof will need replacement, and in others, only sections require replacement. Depending on the type of roof, a full roof replacement of removing an old roof and adding a new roof can take anywhere from one to nine days.

What Information Do I Need To Provide the Insurance Company Regarding My Claim?

There are a few different types of information the insurance company receives when you make an insurance claim. Keep a record of when the roof sustains damage, including dates, times, and photos.

Documentation of any side effects from the damage, including leaks or problems in other parts of the house, will improve the insurance process.

How Many Inspections Do I Need?

insurance roof replacement questions getting roof inspection

Depending on your case, you may not need another inspection, more than one estimate, or a second opinion for your insurance claim.

Often, the estimate from the insurance adjuster and contractor will be close. In that case, you can consider the level of damage corroborated.

However, if you are getting vastly different amounts from multiple estimates from your contractor and insurance adjuster, you may need to get more opinions.

Do You Tarp for Free?

Tarping during a roof replacement is when the work area is covered so it will be protected from rain and other elements. Without proper tarping further damage can occur. Unfortunately, not all contractors tarp for free.

How Long Will It Likely Take for an Insurance Company To Pay a Roof Repair Claim?

Your insurance company may be better positioned to answer this question since insurance companies withhold depreciation. However, since a contractor is likely to have encountered insurance claims from their perspective many times, they may be able to give you a useful answer. With proper coverage, payment may take 30 days.

How Can I Increase the Likelihood of Coverage From My Roof Insurance Coverage?

There is no surefire way to get coverage for your roof replacement since some damage simply is not covered by an insurance company. However, there are a few ways to maximize the possibility of an insurance cover for your roof replacement.

The first step is to have a strong understanding of your roofing insurance coverage and residential insurance policies. Read your policy as soon as you notice roof damage and get a roof damage assessment to start off the entire process. Understand the value of your roof as determined by actual cash value.

As previously mentioned, documentation is a vital component of getting coverage for your claim from insurance companies. Many homeowners do not get covered because they forget to document. It is also essential for you to only hire a contractor that has a good reputation. Avoid any roof repairs that appear too good to be true. Read any fine print and avoid insurance fraud.

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