6 Emergency Roof Repair Tips When Disaster Strikes

Facing an emergency in any form can quickly become terrifying and challenging. Not only do you need to deal with the disaster at the moment, but you also have to look into emergency roof repairs afterward to address emergency roofing issues.

If you notice a roof leak or an emergency roof repair you need, you’ll want to deal with it immediately. Make sure you understand what steps you must take for an emergency roof repair to help you avoid harm to structural integrity and reduce your potential losses.

Check for Damage

You should start by checking your roof to see if you can find any signs of damage. For example, you must walk throughout your home and look for leaking or similar problems. If your home has water leaks, you’ll notice water dropping from the ceiling or random wet patches on your floor.

Waiting for the Right Moment

You may not know about any leaks or even know you have a leaking roof until you face a storm. Always keep an eye on things and look for other roof repairs you can face after a rainstorm or a similar roofing emergency.

Look for damaged shingles after a storm. You can go outside and check for empty patches on the ceiling. If you find shingles in your yard, they may have fallen off your roof. Perform a general sweep around your home and look for these signs to see if you need a roof repair.

Document the Proof

Once you identify roof damages, you must document the proof. The process involves taking pictures of the damages so you can send them to your insurance company. Make sure you mention the weather conditions to prove you didn’t cause the damage.

Interior and Exterior Photos

Always take pictures of the interior and exterior. If you have any leaks, show an image of the leak and even a video if it’ll help. Doing so will show the severity of the roof damage so that you can secure a repair.

It would help if you also take pictures of any shingles on the ground and the empty spots on the roof to prove why you need a roof repair. You should include the date it happened to provide more credibility to your situation.

Contact Your Insurance Company

emergency roof repair meeting with insurance

Once you collect the proof and understand the situation, you should contact your insurance company. Make sure you give them a call and let them know what happened as soon as you can. If you take too long, they may not cover the costs.

Seeking Help From Your Insurance Company

As you explain the situation and tell them about it, you can ask them about permanent repairs and similar services. If you pay for insurance, you can reach out to them and see what insurance coverage you can claim from the damages.

If you struggle to find insurance information through the contract and terms, you should contact an insurance agent. Doing so will help you see if the company will cover the damage while pointing you towards a roofing contractor.

Try a Short-Term Fix

Before you can get an emergency repair, you’ll have to identify short-term fixes. A short-term fix refers to something you do to minimize damage while waiting for a repair. They usually don’t cost much money while avoiding further damage.

Short-Term Fixes Before Emergency Roof Repairs

If you want to protect your damaged roof to prevent water damage, you should these two ideas.

  • A wooden board over a hole
  • A bucket to collect water

The wooden board covers the hole in your roof if you have extensive damage. You should also put a tarp underneath it to prevent water from leaking into your home through the damaged roof. Putting a tarp in your house can also protect the floor from leaks.

Place a bucket under the leak if you want a temporary solution to avoid water damage. While it won’t fix the leak, the temporary fix will prevent significant damage to your floor and home. Make sure you look into solutions such as these to protect your home.

Look for Approved Contractors

emergency roof repair finding an approved contractor

You must look for a licensed contractor if you need help with roof damage. Unfortunately, some people attempt roofing scams, so you must remain safe by finding approved contractors. Not only do they need a roofing license, but they must get your insurance’s approval.

Getting Approval for a Roofing Emergency

Once you find a contractor, you must contact your insurance company. Doing so will verify if your insurance will cover work from that company. Otherwise, you’ll have to cover the costs out of pocket regarding roofing services.

You should also explain the damage ahead of time. For example, if you have hail damage, you should mention it so that the contractor knows the severity of the situation. The contractor will show up and address the emergency repairs to take care of your roof problem.

Pick the Best Contractor Available

Before you hire a roofer, you must look into your options. You want to take care of your house, so look into some reviews to find the best roofer available. You should find at least three contractors and compare them before you pick one.

Getting a Roofing Contractor

You don’t want to pick a roofer who plans to do a patch job. Instead, you want to choose the best one for the job by identifying a contractor with the most experience. Make sure you look into their companies and previous projects to see which one meets your needs.

You also need to remain calm when it comes to emergency repairs and picking a contractor. If you panic and rush through, you won’t get a proper roof repair. Instead, take immediate action as the homeowner and repair your home as soon as possible.


Dealing with an emergency roof repair can pose serious challenges for any homeowner. Whether you have a leaking roof or another form of roof repair emergency, you should address them immediately.

Even the most minor urgent roof repairs require attention to avoid structural damage. Make sure to look into your options after severe weather events to figure out how to take care of your roof. Doing so can help you in areas like Central Florida, where damages commonly happen.

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